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How Can I Pamper and Spoil my Small Dog?

shutterstock_445069825Your pooch is your best pal; your constant loyal companion through thick and thin. He will protect you, play with you, and cuddle with you – lavishing you with all the undivided attention and unconditional love you so deserve. You see, Fido’s always the first one to happily greet you as soon as you get home; tail wagging excitedly behind him. With the friendship you’ve built and bond you’ve shared, why don’t you pamper him every once in a while? Here are some of the healthy ways to spoil your little fur-baby:


  1. Prepare some homemade goodies. There’s probably nothing better than cooking at home and the same goes exactly for Fido. Homemade dog treats such as cheese cookies, bacon bites, and peanut butter biscuits are good for your pet in small quantities. Not only are these recipes tasty and very easy to make; crafting them yourself is also a great way to know for sure what your pooch is consuming. As you already know, lots of dog treats contain unnecessary additives just like in human food. So pick your favorite creation from the countless recipes you can lookup online and pamper your pet with these goodies.
  2. Get some massage time. Like us, our pets can also hold stress in their muscles. Dogs like to be pet but you definitely can take it a step further with a good massage which will help promote flexibility, increase circulation, and get rid of stress. While there are massage therapists trained to work on dogs, you can actually simply try gently and tenderly rubbing his muscles at home to see how your furball will like it. If he groans then that’s a good sign!
  3. Shampoo your pooch between grooming sessions. Bathing your pet at home is another great way to make him feel like he just left the puppy salon. Even if he might not be ready for a thorough haircut yet, you can still try to remove excess oil from their fur to get them looking and smelling fresh. Watch little Fido prance around as he shows off that shiny, smooth new coat.
  4. Pedicure those little paws. There are a number of salons designed for dogs in the big cities. However, if you don’t live in an area with one, you can still pamper your pooch by giving him pretty paws. Good thing is that pedicure is actually easier than it seems. Start by making sure that your dog is comfortable and responsive to having their cute paws handled. If so, lightly give their tiny nails a little trim; being extra careful not to hit even a single nerve. And then proceed at painting their nails with a nice shade of nail polish that reflects or compliments their unique personality.
  5. Schedule a dog day. Pets love nothing more than to spend the day outside. After all, it’s in their nature, so pick a nice day to visit the park and have a picnic with your furball. Don’t forget to pack some food for you and for your furry best friend then spend the day running and playing. A few games of fetch or Frisbee are an awesome way to get Fido up and active. Pay attention to dog park etiquette though to ensure that your time with Fido will be fun, smooth, and hassle-free.



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