Ways to Dog-Proof Your Home for Your Little Pooch

shutterstock_450016237As a responsible dog parent, it is important that you provide your four-legged best friend a safe environment to live in. Preparing your home and your yard for your pooch as a new member of the family is not very different from setting the place up for a curious toddler – you absolutely would want to eliminate any and all possible dangers.


Here’s how you can keep your little furball out of harm’s way at home:


  • Living or family room. Keep dangling wires (i.e. lamps, TVs, stereos, telephones, etc.) out of reach. Put away your kids’ toys, games, and other knick-knacks until Fido has the proper coordination not to knock them over. Move common houseplants that may be toxic out of reach and ensure that all heating and air vents are covered.
  • Bedrooms. Since buttons and drawstring can cause serious problems if swallowed, see to it that all shoes and laundry are kept behind closed doors. Move your medications and cosmetic products off accessible surfaces. Place electrical wires out of reach to keep them from getting chewed on.
  • Kitchens. The kitchen has all sorts of fascinating drawers, and cabinets, not to mention all kinds of interesting smells and tastes. If Fido can get into the cupboards, he will surely explore everything inside. To keep your dog from prying open cabinets, use childproof latches. Keep food out of reach and keep trash bins covered all the time or inside latched cabinets.
  • Bathrooms. The bathroom can be a hazardous place for your dog, too. Pills, razors, cotton swabs, and soap left within Fido’s reach can be easily ingested which can mean an emergency visit to your veterinarian. To avoid this, place lethal supplies like medications, chemicals, and cleaners on high shelves. Block any nooks, holes, and small spaces inside cabinets or behind washer or dryer units, and keep the toilet lid closed all the time to prevent drowning or drinking of harmful cleaning compounds.
  • Garage and yard. Place all chemicals behind secure doors or on high shelves and keep all sharp objects/tools out of reach. Clean all antifreeze from the floor and driveway as they are lethal to pets. Some garden plants are poisonous so ensure that your dog doesn’t get near them.
  • Office or workspace. Your dog can also be drawn to all kinds of temptations in your office. These include papers, paperclips, magazines, staples, cords, wires, rubber bands, etc. These items may be fun to play with but they can be deadly too if swallowed or chewed. As with the rest of your house, make sure that you pick up all strewn office supplies and secure all cords and wires. Also, don’t forget to keep any decorative items out of Fido’s reach.


By taking time to properly dog-proof your house, you give your pooch a good start with your family. As he gets older, passes through each of his developmental phases, and learns every basic obedience commands, you won’t have to be as vigilant when it comes to this routine. Until then, however, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry.

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