How to Tell If Your Small Dog is Happy and Healthy

shutterstock_447751012Most, if not all of us, would agree how awesome dogs are. Not only do our four-legged best friends love us unconditionally, they’re generally not shy too when it comes to showing their affection towards us. A happy, contented pooch would display a number of tell-tale signs (from perky ears and wagging tails to slurpy kisses and docile temperament) to show their delight as a much-loved member of your pack, and learning how to read their body language would help us, dog parents, tell when he is in high spirits and when he might not be feeling okay.


Your Small Dog is Happy If…

  • …he often looks as if he is eagerly wiggling his whole body as he sees you walk in the door after a long day at work. Also, he will most likely playfully jump up, too, out of excitement just to be close to you.
  • …he cheerily puts his rump in the air and excitedly wags his tail in an effort to invite you to play. While a scared, dismal dog may whimper, a happy one will jump up impatiently to get your attention and to show you how eager and ready he is for interaction.
  • …he rolls his back and exposes his tummy for some belly rubs. Rewarding your little furball with a gentle, nice scratch on this area will increase his happiness remarkably.
  • …he sits quietly beside you with his head on your lap or with his body nestled against yours to show his state of relaxed happiness. This is another demonstration of enjoyment at simply being in your presence.


Ways to Find Out If You’ve Got a Healthy, Stable Small Dog


To help you get a good idea of how exactly your dog is doing between those annual check-ups you schedule on a regular basis, why don’t you try these six quick tests at home?


  1. Examine Fido’s eyes and ears. A quick look at your little pooch’s eyes should reveal nice, clear whites with no tear stains. A good rule of thumb is if you notice that his eyes are unusually red or have a thick discharge, or if he squints, head to your vet at once. Also, your dog’s ears should be clean with little to no wax. The color will generally depend on your pet’s breed and coat color. They could be pink, but definitely not angry pink or red. Take a whiff and if you think they don’t smell clean, it might be time for ear-cleaning or check up.
  2. Check his mouth and skin. Oral care is crucial in keeping your dog healthy. Peek inside his mouth and see if his gums are red and puffy or pink and healthy. Brush his teeth using toothbrush and toothpaste meant for dogs on a regular basis to prevent tartar buildup and tooth decay. Also, note that the skin is one of the key players in the immune system. It is critical that Fido’s skin is comfortable and free from any sores and scratches. Inspect it for fleas or any sign of allergies.
  3. Assess your dog’s poop and his overall body condition. When your pet “goes”, observe the appearance and consistency of his poop as it can tell u a lot about his health. Note the color (which could depend on what he eats) and ensure that there are no signs of blood or of any visible parasites. Lastly, since obesity is a real health issue among dogs so if you think Fido is a little chunky, changing his diet will help by choosing high quality food that gives him the nutrients his body requires.



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