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How to Administer Your Dog Medicines

shutterstock_414821812Like children, dogs also hate taking their medicines. Getting your pooch to take them sometimes seems like an impossible task. Since our four-legged best friends cannot just grab a glass of water to swallow a pill, you have to be a bit more resourceful. Here are the ways you can administer Fido’s medication:


  1. Oral medication. One of the most common types of medicine from vets comes in pill form. For dogs that don’t have diabetic issues or weight problems, the easiest way to administer them is by popping it into a small chunk of cheese or hot dog. Just push the pill all the way into the middle of the food so it can’t be seen and then offer it to Fido. You can also try to stick the pill into the middle of a spoon of peanut butter (if he’s a fan of it) and let him lick it up.
  2. Liquid medicines. An easier proposition than administering your dog a pill is by letting him take meds in liquid form. Once the proper dosage of liquid has been drawn up into the syringe or dropper, gently slip the end of the applicator into the side of your pooch’s mouth in the pouch just between his check and gums. Point Fido’s nose to the ceiling and slowly expel the meds into his mouth, giving him time to take a breath between each swallow until the prescribed dose has been taken.
  3. Eye medications. Ask someone to assist you in giving your pooch eye meds. Start by gently opening his eyelids with the fingers of your non-dominant hand and then holding the open tube or bottle of med in the other hand with the applicator’s tip just half an inch about his eye orb. Follow by dripping the prescribed number of drops then let your dog’s eyelids close. Finish by gently massaging Fido’s eyelids to evenly distribute the medication over his entire eye.
  4. Ear medications. If your dog has some sort of ear disease, you are going to need to treat him at home using either a liquid or medicated ointment to clear up the infection. Start by holding Fido’s ear open then gently pulling up from the base of his ear in order to straighten his ear canal. Follow by placing the tip of the applicator tube or bottle into the outer part of the ear canal and then squeeze the prescribed number of drops into his ear. Finish by gently massaging the base of his ear for even distribution of the meds. Ensure that the underside of Fido’s earflaps also receives ample amount of medicine.
  5. Injections. If your pooch is diabetic or requires a regular dose of allergy injections, you have to learn how to give the shot subcutaneously – meaning, just under the first layer of his skin. You can do this by drawing up the proper amount of meds in the syringe then placing Fido in your lap (or asking someone to hold him down). Once your dog is relaxed and comfortable, start gently pulling up a loose flap of his skin between his shoulder blades so it forms a “V”. After that, quickly thrust the needle into the middle area of this “V”, ensuring that it doenst come through the other side of his skin.


Learning how to give your pooch medicine takes time, patience, and practice, but with proper techniques, the process can be fairly simple and even stress-free for both of you and Fido.


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